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After dinner, Xiaohua took advantage of the moment at noon, immediately took Lu Aoshou to the second floor of Tianshou Pavilion, and picked up the laptop bought online in Wanwu. The notebook bought by Wanwu is not much different from the ordinary notebook in this world, and even looks more plain than the notebook in this world. The only difference is that there is no charging port. Open the laptop, the system is also directly installed by default is Xiaohua’s popular operating system, Xiaohua downloaded a dedicated split-screen software for the host, and then opened the software on the tablet. On the screen, it is under the outer corridor of Guangjian on the first floor. At this time, Sanriyue, Xiaohu Maru and Yingmaru are already sitting in their old positions. Sanriyue is taking out all the fishing tools and starting fishing. Xiaohua recalled the operation of the God who he saw when he bought clothes, as if he was just using spiritual power. Mobilize their own spiritual power, the thin spiritual power wrapped around the fingertips, Xiaohua tried to drag the screen on the tablet computer to the computer, did not expect that the computer screen really immediately succeeded in copying a “lens”. ” It worked! The little flower was surprised and happy, and the Lu Aoshou, who had been sitting quietly on the sofa waiting for the little flower, could not help but stand up. “Did it work?”? Is it possible for us to broadcast live with the master? “Huh?”? Not really. “” Xiaohua smiled,Heme Iron Polypeptide, turned her notebook to Lu Aoshou and pointed to the screen. “You see, you don’t have to hold the tablet all the time in the future.” “Oh,” Mutsu’s eyes glowed, “this picture seems to be clearer!” “Well, it’s quite high-definition.” You can also split the screen. Then Xiaohua opened the knife tent to find Lu Aoshou’s auspicious line, clicked to view it, and then mobilized his spiritual power to drag Lu Aoshou’s frontal bust image to his laptop,L Methylfolate Factory, and in the split-screen software, he put Guangjian’s picture on the full screen, and shrank Lu Ao’s bust into the corner. “You see, it’s all right like this.” “Well, that’s great!”! Master, this, this. Lu Aoshou was completely convinced by such a multi-functional image application mode. “Completely civilized general shock ah!!!” “Yes, yes.” Anyway, it’s good for you to do live broadcasting. The little flower suppressed her laughter, because she caught a glimpse of the shrinking of the computer screen, which seemed to be dancing. The problem is finally solved! With such a clear lens, more than one blade can be broadcast live, “Lu Aoshou nodded, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer,” we can take advantage of these days to introduce our Maru to the audience, but also to promote the zongzi competition at the end of the month! ” You’d better go and ask everyone if they want to appear in the camera first. Oh yes, most people in this world may not believe that you are the mourning gods of the sword. “Yes, we will remind you of that.” Xiaohua handed the tablet computer to Lu Aoshou, but found that Lu Aoshou could not operate the software. Helplessly, Xiaohua studied it again and decided to put several commonly used pictures into the computer first, and then let Lu Ao use the computer to edit the pictures he wanted to use, and then use the tablet or borrow Xiaohua’s mobile phone when he wanted to interact with the audience at any time. After changing the name of the live broadcast room to “Xiaocao’s Ben Maru Daily,” Mutsu went down to the first floor with his laptop and solemnly announced his plan to everyone. “Let’s go live together!” “Live?”? Is that the one you played these two days? It looks no different from the previous photography. Tsurumaru came over with the remote control board. “What is this?”? The new camera tool given by the master? “This is a laptop, and the master lent it to us for live broadcasting.” Mutsu put his notebook on the tatami and sat down cross-legged, “I want to record the daily life of this Maru, and now the audience can see it..” “It seems that the tetrarch is very supportive of Lu Aoshou’s live broadcast.” Yingwan came in from the veranda and looked at the laptop curiously. “Yes, master let us ask, everyone would like to appear in the camera.”.
“Mutsu raised his head and grinned.” “Appearance or something.” Does that sound like trouble? Can you refuse? Akashi Guoxing squatted aside and asked, “Na, I said, I also want to take a nap with Yingwan, why do I want to watch this TV program?” “It’s not necessary to do something specially, that is, to broadcast our daily life of Honmaru live and show our life to the audience, as long as we agree to appear on camera.” All the blades saw that Lu Aoshou said so, and Xiaohua strongly supported it, so most of them agreed. Xiaohua fulfilled her wish to let all the blades know that she could use the software of the God Examiner to “peep at the screen”. Of course, from the attitude of all the blades, it can be seen that everyone seems to take it for granted to be checked by Xiaohua at any time. Soon, Lu Aoshou adjusted the picture to be broadcast live, unlike Xiaohua, who made the picture too complicated, only used the picture of the veranda to freeze, and then opened the libilibii web page to open the live broadcast. Lu Aoshou sat next to the little fox pill, greeting the direction of the “lens” while holding a tablet in one hand, which could be used as a microphone and watch the bullet screen at any time. “Oh, hello to the audience, we have a live broadcast again.” “Is this a live broadcast?” Yingwan followed him out and looked around curiously. “Well, it seems to be, saying that we can do it as usual, ha ha ha,” Sanriyue handed the teacup to Yingwan and pointed to the direction of Mutsu’s greeting. “The camera is over there.” “Well.” Yingwan sat down and took a sip of herbal tea. “Riku Mamoru looks very happy.” Lu Aoshou was really happy, because there were more viewers watching the live broadcast. As soon as the live broadcast started, more than 10 viewers came. “The picture becomes so high definition!” “Didn’t you notice that the name of the anchor’s room had been changed?” “Isn’t the focus on the anchor’s colleagues?” “The little brother with the yellow headscarf and dark blue costume underwear on the right is so beautiful!!!” “Ah, ah, ah,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, there are so many handsome men here.” Anchor, do you have a micro-blog number? When will you be informed of the live broadcast? I was caught off guard every time. “Each one is better than the scoring system, and I can’t tell which one is the best.” “Did the anchor change the HD equipment?” 。

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