Positions We Fill

At Attain job search we specialize in placing software and technology professionals.  We take tremendous pride in the quality of the candidates we submit to hiring managers, a quality that is guaranteed.  Let us help you take the next step by finding you the ideal candidate.

Software Engineers

Software engineers are the core of any IT team. As employees responsible for coding, designing, implementing, and testing software programs and applications, it is a position that employers must be certain is filled with a capable person.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality assurance engineers are a key part of many software teams. As employees responsible for monitoring and implementing software test environments, they are essential personnel to turn to when something goes wrong. For this reason, it is tantamount that corporations have the right employee as a quality assurance manager.

Software Project Managers

Software project managers are an important part of any software team. They are charged with managing projects and overseeing a product life cycle, an important range of duties that requires an employee with relevant experience and ability to pay attention to detail. Having the wrong personnel in place as a software project manager could cost your company significant profit, so let Techpros find you the ideal fit.

Web Developers

Web developers are essential to many companies as they are responsible for developing web applications. If this is a part of what your company offers, there is nothing more important than having a quality web developer in place. The failure to have the right personnel in place for this position could be setting your company back considerably, and this is where Techpros comes in.

Software Team Leaders

Software team leaders are essential for the leadership role that they offer. As experienced charged with coordinating teams of software specialists, companies can ill afford to have the wrong person for this job. Not only will it result in a less efficient work environment, but could lead to the resentment of the experts working beneath them. Techpros has the experience and connections to help you find the perfect candidate for your software team leader vacancy.

VP of Engineering

VP’s of Engineering work in an important management role to monitor the implementation of software. It is a job that requires a skilled professional with both relevant industry experience and superior personal and communication skills. Having the wrong person in place for this job would be a potentially very costly mistake, so contact Techpros and let us do what we do best: recruiting for high level software positions.

Release Engineers

Release engineers are important to software teams because they are able to act as coordinators of other team members’ work, assembling computer code into completed software projects. They are thus integral employees for many software firms, doing work that is in many ways irreplaceable. For this reason, it is important that you have the right personnel in place for your release engineer jobs.

Systems Administrators

Systems administrators are a key part of any IT team. As they overseers and monitors of computer systems and networks, they are irreplaceable. Whenever something goes wrong, it is important to have someone in place who is capable and experienced. With so much at stake, why risk hiring the wrong systems administrator? Let Techpros do the tough work for you, and place you with a candidate who can do an excellent job.

Account Executives

Account executives operate on the sales side of software companies to market a company’s product offerings effectively. Creating a quality product is only half of the battle; without a team in place to ensure that it can reach its target audience, companies will lose out on significant sales. Techpros has years of experience finding quality account executives for companies in all different sectors of the software industry.

Director of Software Development

Directors of software development occupy an important leadership position at the head of teams designing software products. They must possess both technical expertise, and the leadership necessary to ensure that development teams operate at full efficiency.