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Ha, ha, Sima Wusheng smiled bitterly in his heart and thought, Sima Tanhua, a great swordsman of my generation, is going to hide in a tavern today and dare not see anyone. He is going to hang out with those nameless people and drink to drown his sorrows?! He felt sorry for himself and felt some resentment. What exactly do you resent? A head of confused thoughts can not grasp the clear. Anyway, he hated that he couldn’t win the younger generation of Tang Ningfeng. He complained that Xuan Renyun didn’t stop him from challenging him. He even blamed that if Yu Huan hadn’t happened to be there, he might have defeated Tang Ningfeng in style. At the moment,mini tape measure, he had already been admired by millions of people. In a daze, he saw a figure come in. The figure has a sword in its hand. Sword, crystal clear, but cold like the hand of death! Lingshi County is going to be noisy in the early morning. Huangfu chased the sun and killed Sima Wusheng with a sword! Strangely enough,bespoken tape measure, Huangfu Laodao actually left a message on the wall: “Chasing the sun with a sword and relying on the wind!”! It’s hard for those Jianghu mouths and Wulin tongues not to discuss this big event. Everyone will think that this is a wonderful battle, and we must understand it. Of course, everyone is not stupid, suppose that Tang Ningfeng defeated the King of War Chasing the Sun, and Huangfu Chasing the Sun killed Sima Tanhua. Therefore, Tang Ningfeng and Sima Wusheng were defeated by Tang Zhuangyuan. Those people were so loud after the fact that they didn’t half think that they were still beating their chests and stamping their feet yesterday morning, Kava Root Extract ,custom tape measure, and they didn’t make a big bet to win him. Therefore, their conclusion is: “God has eyes to bless good people, otherwise it is not miserable?!” ” Gossip aside, everyone still wants to know the truth about how the king of soldiers chased the sun and assassinated Sima Tanhua with a sword. Because, “the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the decisive battle of the holy mausoleum”, that bet can be accurate! Unfortunately, there was only a half-drunk old man in the pub at that time. He’s the only one who saw everything! Outside the tavern, there were many spies following Sima Wusheng. Of course, there are also many spies tracking the arrival of Huangfu Chasing the Sun. But as spies, they could not show up, so they could only stay outside in the dark and take as many pictures as possible to see the situation inside. People from all walks of life reported back: “The old man had already poured wine in the tavern, and then Sima Wusheng arrived.” “That means there’s nothing wrong with the old man.” Many martial arts experts analyzed: “Because no one knows where Sima Wusheng will go.” So the old man was in the pub by accident! “If it’s a simple accident,” the old Jianghu people said in twos and threes, “what the old man sees is the notarization of Wulin history!” Others asked, “What about the owner of the tavern?”? He should see it, too?! “Hey, the boss has a wife and a family, and he ran away when he saw someone was going to fight for his life!” “Strange, then.” Why didn’t the old man run? “Uh, did your spy’s eyeballs flash?”? Didn’t you know the old man was lame? The person that knows this news can be complacent: “How does the lame old man that drank half drunk run?!” Therefore,personalized tape measure, want to know what happened, in addition to asking Huangfu to chase the sun, only to find the lame old man to ask clearly understand. pioneer-biotech.com

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