Then I continued to talk to the female devil to distract her attention. I continued: “Yes, you certainly don’t know. Last month, when I was a few years old, I began to be my girlfriend. We fell in love with each other. Now we are ready to get married. You turn around and let Xiaoyue have a mother. Do you know that Xiaoyue often calls her mother in her dreams?” Then I tear-jerked her. She froze in place and let the walkers beat her wildly. She didn’t react at all. But I knew the walkers didn’t hurt her at all. But she froze for a moment and recovered immediately. Then she grinned grimly and said, “Ha ha, Xiaoyue, are you talking about the bitch born by the smelly man and the fox spirit?”? Ha ha! Die! I want you all to die! This time I figured out, the original Xiaoyue is not her own, and she became like this must be because Xiaoyue’s father back version of her, it must be like this, this kind of thing is a guess, but I am not all guess, I used my magic eyes to see the answer from her eyes, in fact, when I said Xiaoyue, I looked at her eyes and knew that she could not turn back, so today she must die. At that moment she began to go crazy, and then beat the walkers round and round, so that the walkers actually vomited blood, and then all the walkers around her were beaten to sleep on the ground by her, and at the same time, she rushed to me, with her flower-stained hands straight to my heart, I knew that if her hands touched my body, I would not be able to live. Hey, anyway,304 Stainless Steel Coil, this life I also carefree enough, die to die, so read this, I simply closed my eyes, anyway, death is not strange to me. However, at this moment, the instrument platform on the right suddenly lit up, and then she and I both sensed the start of the Lingbo map, and her attention shifted to the Lingbo map,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and then the expression on her face became even more ferocious, and then she pounced on the kind of Lingbo map. At this time, Lingbo suddenly shot out a golden light into the sky. But at the same time the sky began to twist, and at the same time the light opened a big black hole in the sky, because at this time the devil was closest to the big hole, so a hula was sucked up. Then at the same time, the twelve pictures exploded into pieces, and at the same time, a voice sounded: “Welcome to the 53rd parallel space, where is the earth five thousand years ago, I wish you a happy journey in time and space.” This is not only me, all the people present are shocked, I rely on, who said that this Lingbotu can go to fairyland, that is fairyland? And why is there a space-time transporter here? Why is it Lingbo 12? But I don’t know the answer to this now, but when I die in this life, I know the reason. It turns out that this is the Earth Tree, which has left a time piercing device in the world, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and this is what people call fairyland. But I am really sad for that witch, unexpectedly to the primitive tribe, but still have to wish her a happy life in the future. Chapter 434 return to the plain (final chapter). After that, the whole Taoyuan Palace was wiped out. There will be no Taoyuan Palace in Jianghu in the future. It will disappear forever on the Jianghu roster like the killer alliance. After I was slapped by the butterfly mother, I lay in bed for two months. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve been hurt so badly in my life, but I feel good. It’s just a little painful.
But anyway, my injury is still very good, at least get all the wife’s care, soon I will dissolve in happiness, and after my physical recovery, not long after, I want to go to school, play with my eldest brother and third brother, live campus life with my compatriots in the campus underworld, to be honest, I miss the ordinary life. Because after a person gets big ups and downs, his mood will naturally return to insipidity, and I yearn for this kind of insipidity that I have not cherished before, which all my wives support me, so now the affairs of the evil eye are still handed over to Zhang Yinlang three people to manage, and I spend all day with my wives to visit the mountains and rivers, but the good times do not last long, when I was fourteen years old, my father was critically ill. Began to set up the prince, now the big prince is dead, the two princes are useless, and the four princes and Xia Yi have no intention to be in power, so in the end the heavy duty is given to me as I wish, to tell you the truth, if a few months ago I was extremely eager to be the prince, but now for me this prince’s position, I really don’t want it, because I seem to live an ordinary life. But unfortunately, everything went well before, but God didn’t let me go well on this matter. I couldn’t even push it away, so I was directly conferred the crown prince. However, on the day of the crown prince, I became the crown prince anyway, so I also made a promise to my precious wives. On the day of the crown prince, I formally took them as my wife, because at that time my friends were like the sea, and half of the people in the world were my friends, so my marriage was very lively and cheerful. The happiest moment in my life was the day when I got married with all my wives. I was really happy. But when the prince, a lot of things to deal with is very annoying to me, so I decided that when I am free, I must be happy and no longer so tired, but this wish has been waiting for a long time. When I was eighteen years old, my father really couldn’t afford to come. In the same month, the old woman left first, and then the father emperor. After burning seven, I was directly promoted from the crown prince to the emperor, and became the most talented emperor in the history of Huaming Dynasty. Later history recognized me as Yu Di. And since I ascended the throne, there have been a lot of troubles. First, there was a drought in the river area, and then there was a flood, which made me very upset. However,304 Stainless Steel Wire, no matter how much trouble I had in my work, I always had my favorite wives around me as my backing, so I was very happy every day.

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