With that, Yunfeng Taoist told him not to indulge too much in miscellaneous learning, and abandoned the practice of Taiqing Supreme Jue, and went out of the house. Ji Ruochen stood in the room, muttering to himself, “banished immortal, banished immortal..” How can I be a banished immortal? After repeating this dozens of times, he suddenly gave a low shout, took off the bluestone in his neck, put it in front of his eyes and watched it carefully, his hands trembling and sweating like rain. Ji Ruochen’s heart was beating faster and faster, as if he was about to jump out of his cavity. His whole body gradually became cold. He just thought, “Banished Immortal, Banished Immortal..” Are you talking about him? Is that the fat sheep? It must be. When I got started, Ziwei Zhangjiao asked for a bluestone to see it. This bluestone is not mine! Did I kill a fairy? This What can I do? Will they be directly knocked down to the 18 layers of hell, or will they be killed by thunder? But if he was really an immortal, how could he be killed by me? With a splash, Ji Ruochen felt dizzy and weak, fell down in his chair, and for a moment he felt a blank in his mind. If they know that they have made such a big fool of themselves, although it is not their fault, they will vent their anger at will, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Sky Thunder,rotary vacuum disc filters, Hell Fire, Thorn, Wheel Blade, Gang Wind, these are not just things used to attack the enemy in Taoism, but also good for lynching. When Ji Ruochen was surrounded and beaten by the crowd, he had already experienced the taste of what is the five elements of Qi, what is the power of the four images,filter nozzle, and all kinds of magical powers generated by the operation of the True yuan. He didn’t want to suffer more from such a good thing. Even if the real people do not move the lynching, he is an inn boy, what virtue can he have to list the moral clan door wall? The real people don’t have to do anything to him, just throw it directly into Xixuan Mountain. With his little way, he was either buried in the mouth of monsters and monsters in the vast Xixuan Mountains, or starved to death in the barren mountains. What’s more, Ji Ruochen shivered, took back the thoughts of a million miles away from the topic, and had to face up to the fact that he was most afraid of. Daodezong people are so eager for the fat sheep banished immortal, if you know that the master is dead in his hands. What to do? What to do? Ji Ruochen only felt that his whole body was weak, his hands and feet were weak, and he could not even stand up. Sweat gushed out in waves and soaked his clothes inside and outside. [Changjiang Chinese First Issue]. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, struggled to stand up, climbed onto the bamboo couch on one side of the house, sat down cross-legged, inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, rapid sand filters ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and silently chanted the true formula, in order to absorb his mind and meditate on countermeasures. Just as Ji Ruochen’s fear was fading away, his six senses were calming, and his inner pulse was beginning to clear, he suddenly remembered that the stone mat he was sitting on was collected from the bottom of the blue ice pool in the North Pole. It had the great effect of calming the divine consciousness and expelling the demons in his heart. It was a gift from Yuxuan Zhenren not long ago. Then he was so flustered that he almost fell off the couch. Ji Ruochen finally calmed down again and slowly entered the mysterious realm of silence. At this time, he faintly saw the flow of Zhenyuan with a pale yellow glow in his body. It’s just that there’s a tingling sensation in the place where Zhenyuan passes, which is quite different from the usual feeling. Ji Ruochen was startled and looked at it carefully, only to find that there was a wisp of green gas wrapped around Zhenyuan. Also do not know whether because the body has the reason of dissociation formula, Ji Ruochen is extremely sensitive to the breath of all kinds of Zhenyuan at the moment, it can be said to be insightful. Certainly, he had found out that the wisp of green gas was pure wood gas, which came from the agarwood paperweight that he had dissociated. (First issue in Changjiang Chinese). Wood gas is wrapped around his Zhenyuan, accompanied by it, and is gradually incorporated into the meridians by Ji Ruochen, turning into a part of his Zhenyuan. Ji Ruochen also found that his true yuan was much stronger than the previous day, but there was a burning pain in all the meridians. He looked back intently and knew that it was mostly because the wood gas generated by the separation of Zhang Yinyin’s wooden sword was absorbed by himself, and after a day and a night of kungfu, it turned into his own true yuan. Ji Ruochen was both surprised and delighted. Naturally, what pleased him was that the formula of dissociation was indeed an immortal formula. It was different from ordinary Taoism. It was magical and had endless uses. Surprisingly, since the formula of dissociation was so magical, the fat sheep was a banished immortal, which confirmed his guess. What if he has the magic to bring the dead back to life, or if he’s not dead at all.. Ji Ruochen felt a chill in his heart and dared not think about it any more.
It’s just that there are priorities. Although the matter of banishing immortals is big, the most urgent task at present is to deceive all the real people of Daode Zong. As for why the banished immortal with the immortal formula was knocked over by his sucker punch, we might as well think about it carefully when we are free later. After calming down, Ji Ruochen began to recall the whole thing carefully. [Changjiang Chinese First Issue]. It is impossible to escape, and it is not wise to take practical measures. The only way out is to continue to hide it. The shopkeeper once said that you can’t get up early without profit. After all, these real people have not yet become immortals, not to the realm of no desire, they get up early, naturally there is a plan. It seems that the key to the problem is to find out what these real people want from the banished immortals before they can take the initiative. The study of Taoism not only can not be slack, but also need to be more diligent, which is the capital to escape. Ji Ruochen’s side is as anxious as ants on a hot pot, and Tianxuan Peak, which is opposite to Taichang Peak, is also restless. Dad, that Ji Ruochen is so hateful, you must give me this bad breath! Zhang Yinyin’s little face was flushed, and two tears rolled in his eyes, which could roll down at any time. She rolled up her right arm sleeve and stretched out an arm as white as snow lotus root in front of Jingxiao Zhenren. There were several purple bruises on the thin arm, which looked quite shocking. Jingxiao Zhenren’s family name is Zhang, and his wife Huang Xinglan is also famous in Daode Sect. When Jingxiao Zhenren was more than forty years old, she got this daughter. Zhang Yinyin was intelligent, so she naturally doted on her very much. After a long time, she developed a very arrogant young lady’s temper. After the conflict last night, she was agitated by wood gas and suffered some minor injuries. After slipping back to Tianxuan Peak, she was afraid of being punished by her parents. She had been suffering in silence all night. At dawn, Huang Xinglan found that she had some inconvenience in moving, and after repeated inquiries, she roughly knew the details of the day. But where did Zhang Yinyin say clearly how he was injured? She just said that when the sword went out, the wooden sword suddenly disappeared,disc air diffuser, and then the blue gas flashed, and she was injured. As she spoke, her little mouth flattened and she clamored for her parents to vent their anger for herself.

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